I get many of my "read leads" from visiting other blogs.
Usually, the thriftiest way to read books for me is to request them
from our wonderful library system.
After picking up these two, I started with the top one.
Before finishing the January chapter, I decided I will keep my eyes open
for a used copy at a thrift store or garage sale!
I'd LOVE to mark it up a bit--write in the margins and underline a bit.
Maybe a "happy face" here and there.
It is delightful AND worth an annual read.  Here are a few examples of why I like it--all from January!
  • We will do more of less, rather than more and more...engage ourselves more deeply in fewer activities...limit mere contacts and explore relationships more deeply.
  • In winter we have no love affair with Nature, just a passing friendship, respect, appreciation.
  • What fuzzy edges grow in our thinking when we live with a background of clutter.
  • No more hoarding for a rainy day or special occasion--but use something new and exciting right away.
  • To live properly you must have roots.  Roots take different forms and shapes.
  • How delightful to learn also that the  balanced individual is often inaccurate, untidy, vague and unconventional, and does things on the spur of the moment.
I sure wish I could remember who mentioned THIS book!
There aren't too many books I reread, but this is definitely ONE that I would!
What books do YOU read more than once?


  1. I read the Mitford Series periodically. I think I have all of them.
    I love the one you mention here.

  2. I just finished Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good :)
    I THINK that's the title....

  3. I never read books more than once. I hate the thought of knowing how it ends! I do have a friend who always reads the last chapter so she can take her time reading the book and not be wondering what is going to happen! Reading is wonderful!!

  4. You sucked me right in with titles! And I don't need to be looking. The Hersey book sounds so much like Gladys Tabor and then I saw she wrote for Woman's Day like Tabor did for Family Cirlce. I had to order one! You can get a used on Amazon for $1.88 plus postage!

    1. OH! I always forget about Amazon! (I know. I know. I'm SO behind times.) Yes - it's very much like Gladys Tabor .

  5. That definitely looks like a book I would enjoy! Thanks, Rebecca!



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