the packaging

 Like small children who find as much pleasure in the gift box as the gift itself,
 so I delighted in the packaging of several gifts I received this past Christmas!
 This beautiful footed bowl was filled with fruit.  What a treasure!
And this plaid box is stunning.
I can't bear to put it away!
Whether beautiful, unique, utilitarian or a combination of the three...
I really enjoyed the packaging of Christmas 2014.


  1. that one in the wood box is the gift that keeps on giving as it could be used for so many things. What wonderful gifts you received.

  2. It seems you did well with gifts AND packaging this year. I really like that bowl. I have been trying to stay out of thrift places and flea markets. I got rid of some things during the ceiling overhaul but still have much here. I'm trying to "shop" among my own things and not bring in more. Like I might fail at that if I went somewhere and saw your bowl!

  3. Hi Linda...I see you got some Vermont maple syrup. Mmmmm. I'd like a pancake right now. Ha! Susan

  4. Like all your packages. Especially like the glass compote


  5. I love details as well ~and I love when the packaging is as fun as the gift!! ~Love Heather

  6. Yes, I love the packaging in certain gifts, just as much as the gift itself. Your packagings are simply lovely, specially that plaid box.
    Thank you for your sweet and kind visit pretty lady and I also wish for you only blessings for 2015.


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