true confession

It's no secret.
I have "stuff".
"Minimal" isn't my style.
For me, less is NOT more.
Still, there is a limit, and I think I've reached it.
Passed it, actually.
He sat at my kitchen table after a trip to our cellar
to take a look at some repairs that are needed and to give us an estimate.
He took in the view of the room and said something to the effect of,
"Rebecca, you have a lot of antiques and other junk around here!"  
I don't think he actually said "other junk",
but the meaning was clear.
Actually, he didn't have to tell me. 
I already knew.
2015 is my year to do something about it.
I just haven't figured out WHAT yet...
What I HAVE figured out is that I'm good at coming up with a goal--
just not so good at figuring out how to achieve it,
getting started,
and making myself put forth the necessary effort.
There.  I've said it.


  1. I like the word decluttering and that is where you are heading in 2015. It is very freeing to declutter and I do a bit of it from time to time. Best wishes in your new goal.

  2. Wonder what he considers "other junk! Good luck with the declutter! x

  3. I know well this feeling, this goal. It is heavy but can feel good in the end. So hard to do. My motherinlaw died yesterday morning and we had to tell hubby's dad in the afternoon which became an all afternoon job. We also straightened some things, took out a few more pieces of plates and china for decoration in the assisted living room. His dad won't deal with it from the chair he sits in constantly. I thought how tired I am of going through other people's things as well as my own. The moves, the divorces, the deaths, the remodeling...all of it reminds me how unimportant (yet important for memories too) peices of "junk" can be. Oh my, if the entire world could live with less, I think the world would live better. Good luck with the goal!

    1. It IS tiring, isn't it? I'm sorry to hear of your MIL's death. In addition to the emotions that go along with it come the responsibilities and details to attend to. I'll be thinking of you in the days to come.

  4. I prefer to call it comfy clutter and just plain homey. I have a bit of "stuff" too and it doesn't really bother me. Seems everyone is decluttering lately. Guess I just don't see the need. Good luck with yours.

    1. I'm kind of like you are, Sandy. It's just that I think I may have crossed the line. It's the part that's over the line that's bothering me...

  5. The new year seems to bring on a burst of decluttering if what I read on blogs is any indication. It never hurts to evaluate what we have and get rid of what we don't really need or want. Besides, it makes room for MORE, LOL!


  6. I can soooooooooo relate with what you just wrote. I too am starting to "unclutter" although it is slow going. Here is what I'm doing, maybe it will help you?.... anywho, I'm starting slow. (good advice) I'm not even touching the stuff I "love" but the other items.... I'm selling. I can pretty much tell you what I paid for everything I have ever bought--- because I get things cheap lol So... I get the item, and I price it at least double what I bought it for and then stick it in a box. Once a box is full, I place it in the garage. (sometimes this takes up to a week, I don't want to shock myself lol) When I get a bunch of boxes together I take them to a small vintage flea market of sorts and place everything out for sale. Okokok... I have a "what was I THINKING this is so going back home again" box at the ready. BUT, most of the items get sold and I come home with a LOT of money.... and at the end of the day, I enjoyed the item for awhile, but I figure everything has a life and has got to "leave the nest"... I was just part of the journey. Gee, it sounds like I drink... but I don't lol...
    big hugs,

    1. Oh, Cheryl! You are brilliant! (I have sold a few things on Facebok garage sale sites.....And I, too, can pretty much tell you what I paid for everything I have ever bought--for the same reason YOU can! ) I don't drink either, but it MIGHT give e a boost now and then.....

  7. you are my sister, truly. I've been mulling around the word for 2015 and will be something inspiring me to reduce my belonging. Purge is too ugly, declutter is an impossible goal...just need a little less.


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