door dressing

 Our lives have become simpler in many ways since my father moved in with us.
I've come to enjoy cooking again 
(as opposed to running over to the local cafe frequently).
My crockpot is currently working for me,
wafting scents of a combination of pork, potatoes and green beans
covered with cream of chicken soup and a bit of dried Ranch Dressing mix.
I'll add some applesauce to our menu, frozen earlier this autumn.
Meanwhile, outdoors...
my husband is putting finishing touches on our front door.
New paint and a brass kick plate.
"Novembers have never been more beautiful," I think to myself.


  1. I can just smell that cooking in the crock pot. I have pork roast smothered with bar b que sauce in mine.
    Your front door looks real good


  2. I've been staying home more and getting less done! Seems like such a lazy time as fall is winding down and thoughts of winter start to glimmer. Your hubby did a good job on your sturdy door. It looks like it will keep out all the cold that will come its way.

  3. I LOVE that kick plate, Rebecca. I wanted to get one for our front door but they were SO EXPENSIVE. Your crock pot dish sounded good, too. So glad you are making a home for your Papa. Susan

    1. I expressed a desire for one and asked my husband to check them out when he made a trip to Mennards. He came home with this one. I think I'm glad I didn't ask the price! (The recipe came from someone's facebook link: a can of "cream of" soup, one can of water, and a package of dry Ranch dressing seasoning. They suggested not using the whole envelope, so I didn't. It turned out great.

  4. Oh this door is a beauty!!! So glad things are running smoothly for you1


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