all hands on deck

 The addition of two hands in our household
helped make quicker work of this puzzle (which definitely deserved the name "puzzle")!
My husband cut a piece of pegboard so we could move it from our dining table
to rest on the arms of a chair in our living room between meals.
Unfortunately, he didn't cut the board BIG enough to accommodate
the two NEW puzzles I acquired this morning when I met friends for breakfast!
I selected these two out of several my friend was going to donate to a thrift store.
What fun we will have.
What a fun and inexpensive way to keep all hands on deck occupied...


  1. You are going to be busy....but it looks like you will have a lot of fun putting them together.
    P.S. You have a LOT more patience than I do.

    1. Have found it a bit addictive - like potato chips! Hard to stop when you finally find a piece... We worked on it in spurts with a few longer sessions scattered in.

  2. Wonderful puzzles. I do simple ones with the kids at the hospital where I volunteer. Some of them haven't even done puzzles before so it takes some work to get them to understand the process.

    1. Hard for me (a 67-year-old) to imagine life without puzzles! Sounds like a good activity for your hospital visits...

  3. We love puzzles. When children were growing up we always got a puzzle for Christmas and spent the school holidays putting it together. Now DH and I usually start one on New Years Day. I admit we didn't finish the last one before boxing it up though. I think that was a first for us.


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