on the way to friday

Going with the flow this year.....
Traditions don't seem to come as easy for us as they do for other people.
The Thanksgiving holidays officially kicked in last night
as we attended a Thanksgiving service at our church.
Today, one of my siblings will pass through on their way to Friday..
We'll have a relish tray, crackers and cheeses, etc.
as we visit around our kitchen table.
Tomorrow - Thanksgiving Day - one of our children, her husband and 6 children
will pass through (also on their way to Friday).
Together with us, they'll attend a lovely community meal for folks
who don't have family plans.
(Our family "plans" came together rather spur-of-the-moment
without time to prepare turkey and trimmings,
so we're especially thankful for Holy Trinity Lutheran Church's hospitality.)
I'll take a sweet potato casserole made with apples and dried cranberries.
Then on Friday, we will get up early and together with my father,
drive over to Sauder Inn in Archbold OH to celebrate with extended family
(over 50 people).
Meanwhile, this rusty turkey joined autumn-colored everyday place mats
to remind us of this season while we're on the way to Friday.

Tradition-less, but SOOOOOO thankful. 


  1. I long for a Normal Rockwell holiday but haven't had those in years. The traditions seem weakened for everyone these days. It sounds like you will see lots of family and that is the real gift of the holiday. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Then I count myself in good company, Claudia. I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving that transcends traditions.

  2. Our extended family Thanksgiving Day is still very traditional. I love everything about it, especially that my sister hosts AND roasts the turkey every year. For every minute of this day our family is thankful that we still do this. We all pitch in with our traditional offerings of food. But, I will add as a reminder that it is EXHAUSTING. And besides giving thanks to God for all of our blessings, I am sure we all also add a sincere prayer that the weather will be nice enough for the seven children 10 and under to play outside!
    God our maker doth provide, all our wants to be supplied! Amen and amen.

    1. Sounds VERY wonderful....and I wish you blessed Thanksgiving that MATCHES the beauty of your tradition, Judy. ♥

  3. I think we have finally decided to do that Cracker Barrel dinner and go the easy way. I'm cooking the turkey and sides today, and the pies and desserts tonight, and will take "leftovers" to my in-laws before we all go to dinner at CB. It was your comment that put me over to that side. We are now down to just us two and Mom and Pop who really don't eat much any more at 90 and 93. Taking them out with other people will be more festive and keep the focus away from football. Thanks for the comment you left. It made me realize a big home meal wasn't necessary after all.

    1. I think it was 2 years ago that we did this and it WAS crowded! But we weren't in a hurry and the meal was very worth it!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I have much to be thankful for and traditions change as we get older I think - so make new ones. That's my thought.

    1. It's a GREAT thought, Darla! Have a blessed, peaceful, joy-filed Thanksgiving

  5. Our children are scattered all over the country and no one comes home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or even passes through. If we went to their homes we'd have to travel for days or fly -- which we no longer enjoy. I think we're just at a stage in our lives where holidays mean new traditions, as Darla says. We've come to enjoy quiet, simple holidays doing what we enjoy and talking to our kids on the phone. It's not the way I ever thought it would be, but it's okay. Dennis says we're to live with joyful thanksgiving every day, and celebrate Jesus' birth every day, and I agree with him. Attitude is everything, I think. I love your table decorations, Rebecca. Have a lovely Thanksgiving. Hugs, Nancy

    1. We're never quite as alone as we think we are...
      Sometimes, I DO wish we had traditions as established as other people do, but as you said, "attitude is everything", and we are content. It's late afternoon now, and our day has turned out quite pleasurably. And I am a thankful woman.


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