finally grey

When it became necessary to replace the carpet in our recently-repurposed room,
I chose a remnant with grey tones.
We'd painted this room less than 2 months ago, 
but the paint we THOUGHT was grey when selected
turned out to be too blue to coordinate well with the new carpet....
sooooooo, my husband suggested that while the furniture was all out the room,
it was a good time to change the color.
SO glad we did!
Finally.  Grey.


  1. That looks uber stylish! I don't wear grey but love abit in the house, greay paint is the perfect backdrop for a gilt frame or two. x

  2. This really looks nice. I love the gray!

  3. Love the color you ended up with. Works well with the medium toned wood. By the way, a commenter on my last post (after you left a comment) left a link to a British TV show and on it was a lamp I think you would love made out of a gas or oil can.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks! I'll CHECK out the link :)

  4. Grey has always scared me a little bit. I have no idea why. But that looks amazing!


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