a lengthy hiatus

 After a lengthy hiatus from thrift store shopping
(and having exhausted our supply of jigsaw puzzles),
I ventured out on Thursday morning, limiting myself to puzzle purchase only.
I glanced longingly at a $10 wooden box that would have looked SO fine
refinished and sitting in our house SOMEwhere.
I successfully exited the store with these three puzzles priced at $.50 each.
We began with THIS one - my favorite of the three.
From the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


  1. Your commended on your ability to stick to the purpose! I probably would've cracked at the wooden box so I'm going to stay away the whole month. We're having "puzzle" weather down here in Texas for sure...it's 5 degrees today. Thinking I may have to follow your lead and go puzzle shopping.

  2. Wow that is being strong! I am vowing to stay out of thrift shops for the month of January!!

  3. Now that is a very cool puzzle. Love it!

  4. It's nice that you like to do puzzles together. I do puzzles with kids at the hospital where I volunteer. Some have never done them before so need lots of encouragement to try. And others are quite quick putting them together.


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