two things

 #1 This piece which finished EVER so nicely!
(I showed it in progress a few posts ago...)
It sold minutes after I listed it on a Facebook site.
#2 This view of one end of our living room
for absolutely no reason at all.
I was giving my eyes a break as I read Village Centenary by Miss Read
(also mentioned in a previous post).
I know.  There's a bit of clutter up there!  No staging for me!


  1. I love the piece! No wonder it sold. And, I love your living room. Not clutter to me...just comfy, cozy, homey. Mine is the same.

  2. I agree with Sandy, your living room looks completely comfortable and neat and cozy. The piece turned out very pretty and congratulations on the quick sale.

  3. Ah, thanks. I feel "old" when I look at it through the camera's eyes. None of this new white decor to be found here... :)

  4. I like your living room, the chairs look comfortable and like good places to sit and read.

    1. Yes (good places to sit and read.....)!


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