Is THIS More Mature?

Day of study, Auburn with husband, Ladies' Bible study in the evening
Thrifted everything - shirt, skirt, shoes, belt
Necklace & Earrings initial "R", rhinestones, purchased

Yesterday, someone commented on my appearance saying, "You look like a teenager!"  I wasn't GOING for that.  Is this more mature?


  1. Great outfit, love the belt!! Just to let you know there is an award to collect from me!! have a great weekend!!

  2. Again such a nice belt!!!!
    Oh dear don't pay attention to those sayings.
    Do what you feel is right. Your values in clothing say to me that.
    You always will have some people that because you want to look stylish with elegance will have "things" to say.
    I know, I live in a small community on an island, where everybody knows everybody and gossip. I'm still not very much used to it, but in time I will not give it a dam.

    All the best, dear.


  3. I don't think that the other outfit wasn't appropriatte for you.
    You look great and have a wonderful colection of belts.


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