Sunday Go-To-Meeting Clothes

Sunday School and Church, out to dinner with siblings, evening Home Connections (small group at church)

Thrifted, vintage blue jacket
Thrifted black patent leather belt
Thrifted skirt
Thrifted shoes
Thrifted gold beaded necklace & gold earrings


  1. Thats a great jacket, hope you're having a good day!!

  2. Hi again-thanks for the kind comment on the spending and saving blog, it did help to keep me on the straight and narrow financial path, but I've just found it too time consuming to do both really and the fashion one is more of a passion. I try to apply my fashion thriftiness into other areas of my life and try not to spend above my means and generally do quite well to stick to a budget.

  3. You do find the most beautiful jackets.This one is also beautiful.


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