My "Uniform"

Somehow I never tire of black. When I took the "seasonal" color inventory years ago and discovered I was "winter",  I was confirmed in this preference.  At times I call this combination my "uniform".  Whether worn with denim or tan, I feel comfortable when I wear black.  I hope it's not TOO dreary for others.


  1. Hi there-yes, I do love black especially with denim too, I'm trying to add a few pieces of grey in to make a change! A nice, casual chic outfit and have a good weekend!

  2. I also like black! It is a great neutral that can be paired with just about anything. And slenderizing too. How can you go wrong? I usually end up with something each season that is "my uniform". It's that outfit you can always count on to make you feel comfortable and pretty and a little stylish. A couple years ago I found some black semi-dress pants that actually fit really well (remember how short I am!) and I went back and bought several pair. The older ones I wear around the house and the newer ones I keep for dress.


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