Dizzy Is as Dizzy Does

Small images of my outfit today...Still trying to figure out a few settings on my cell phone camera.  My shoes are see-through, the blouse is brown plaid, and my skirt wrinkled.  Do I dare leave the house looking like this?

As I have said elsewhere, this blog is my "mirror".  I'm seeing myself and may make a few adjustments before going to meet a friend for coffee this morning.

I've been experiencing some dizziness.  Maybe I can blame my looks on that! 


  1. Oooh, Miss Rebecca, hope your dizziness is gone. I have vertigo from time to time and it's not fun. The outfit is cute...you wear belts very well as you are nice and slim. Hope your weather is better than here in the middle of the state...ready to get my jacket out! I trust you had a good visit with your friend. Take care, Donna

  2. I think you look very nice, Rebecca. Hope being dizzy does not last. Sincerely, Susan


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