I'm Hooked!

"Style and rigid inflexibility rarely play well together."  Statements like this are what keep taking me back to a particular men's fashion blog.  Giuseppe has just the right amount of know-how, style, common sense, thrift, and self-confidence to keep me "hooked"!

Here's what I'm wearing to church this morning.  I'm off to teach a ladies' Sunday class before the worship service at 10:00.  My husband and I will go out to eat a quick lunch before he leaves town.  I'll have about 36 hours to tend to my mental and physical health by setting some new goals, eating more wisely, and creating some interim wardrobe solutions.  (I know what that means, even if it appears vague to everyone else!  Hint:  Mirror placement and the distance from it make photography deceiving.)


  1. Hi Rebecca! Love Guiseppe's blog, thanks for introducing me to it.
    You look very slim, chic and elegant. Have a perfect day.

  2. Love the green sweater...looks very chic with black. Will check out Guiseppe's blog...Have a marvelous, blessed day!

  3. You look very smartly turned out for church. Oh, and I enjoyed my visit to Guiseppe's blog. What fun!


  4. The belt makes the outfit I think. You look wonderfully "turned out" as they say.

    Will check the blog you mention.



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