Surrendering to Sunshine

I give up!  Tomorrow I'm going out front to take the picture.  I guess there is just too much sunlight in the morning where I've been posing lately.

I AM loving my LifeStride shoes!  The shape of the heels and their height help the pounds I've gained to be less conspicuous (I hope)!

I added a jacket to my outfit yesterday to dress it up a bit for the graduation parties - which were fun and DELICIOUS, by the way!


  1. I can't tell you've gained an ounce. You look thin as a rail in the first pic!!! This will be a better week for both of us....let's go ahead an claim that now!!!

  2. Hi Rebecca...You look pretty doggone slender to me. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Susan

  3. Hi Rebecca! I'm with Susan, you look very slender to me.
    Love the jacket...tres Chanel!

  4. Hi Rebecca, love your chanel-ish jacket and you look great dear, no one can tell you've put some pounds.... are you sure?????

    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, always with the right words and friendship.

    Sunshine kisses, my friend.


  5. You look very the jacket! Sounds like the graduation parties were a smashing success.

  6. Rebecca,

    You look terrific! And after reading the preceding comments, I realize I'm not alone in my opinion. Truly, I cannot see where you've "gained" weight. What's most important is how YOU feel about your body. Just know, your blog 'fans' give you props for looking fabulous.


  7. Thanks to my blog 'fans'. Your comments show you are blog FRIENDS. Jean is right. Most important is how I feel about my body - and it's not feeling good here! I have gained weight. The mirror angle disguises it (that is not my intention, but it happens). Thanks for hanging with me. I'll try not to mention it and call attention to it. That isn't "pretty", I know.


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