Used Books

This is probably about 1/10th of the garden books I've thrifted over the years.  I should have been reading them over the winter months, but only in the past few days have I gone to the shelves to search out the name of a particular plant.  Now I have a great excuse for not  pulling the weeds that have grown as a result of the frequent rainfalls this past week!  I'd much rather READ than WEED!

I have at least an equal number of decorating books...Do you have a favorite category of used books?


  1. Cookbooks. I have too many, many thrifted ones are outdated, I still can't help myself. I sit down and read cookbooks cover to cover just like a novel. Of course I thrift novels too. Books are definately my weakness.


  2. Hi Rebecca. Oh Lord. That's a hard question you asked today. A favorite category of books? Well, I have an entire SHELF of gardening books; about five FULL shelves of cookbooks (compulsive); a whole shelf of spiritual; a shelf of childrens; a shelf of self-help; and one of my favorites....a shelf with Alexandra Stoddard, Mary Englebriet, and Susan Branch's books! It would be pretty hard to pin down a favorite category. I'm a book maniac. Sincerely, Susan

  3. Cookbooks are my weakness...we have a large bookcase in the kitchen devoted to I'm organizing recipes I've printed from the web into a series of books...not good for someone who needs to watch her sugar levels!


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