Forgotten until yesterday...
 "found" forlorn and hidden on the bottom shelf
of a corner bookcase...
 thrifted.  Perhaps years ago...
now celebrated and appreciated as if for the first time.

The cornucopia dates back to ancient Greek mythology.. According to legend, Zeus broke the horn of the goat, Amalthea, that was providing his milk. To compensate for this unfortunate accident, Zeus filled the horn with a bountiful harvest of fruits and promised that Amalthea would always have plenty to eat.  It appears in many important paintings and sculptures -- and occasionally on the bottom shelf of bookcases!


  1. I never knew the legend of the cornicopia. It gives me a new appreciation for them. Glad yours came out of the bookshelf into the light of day.


  2. Doesn't it both please and irritate you when you forget you have something and don't get it out! I do it all the time! These are very nice, esp. since they are all white, a favorite of mine. Happy Thanksgiving, Rebecca.

  3. Those are just beautiful...enjoy them!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. I agree, these are beautiful. So pleased you found them in time for the season. I love the idea of bounty and harvest. It gives me a warm feeling.

  5. Very pretty - love the ivory/white finish.

  6. Stopping by to say have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Very unique, Rebecca. So glad you re-found them! Take care. Susan

  8. They are simple elegant treasures!!


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