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 Although I have several autumn-colored tablecloths, I couldn't pass this one up!
It's colors are so similar to the large pitcher
that presently serves as a perpetual centerpiece.
Take a look at my prior post to see the rest of this week's  "haul"
from my Favorite Thrift Store.
 Yesterday my husband inserted this chalkboard into an old frame we had.
I believe it was a thrift store find also - but it has been sitting
out in the garage awaiting its transformation for a L-O-N-G time!
Wall space is limited in our kitchen.  
For  now, I have it sitting in front of the mantel.
My husband just finished the little table to my liking.
I asked him to sand down its top and paint the legs black...
We found this table curbside several weeks ago.
It's hard to drive by "free"!
 The globe got knocked out of its stand when our grandchildren
visited us the last time.  I currently like the looks of the empty stand...


  1. Your little table is so cute! It amazes me what people find on the curb. No one puts stuff like that on curbs here in SC.

  2. You guys do such a fantastic job refurbishing you should start a little side business when you run out of room in your house!! ~ Enjoy your new treasures Love Heather

  3. Susan, it is rare here also. It used to be you could find SOMEthing almost ANY trash day. Now we count ourselves fortunate to find anything

  4. Hi my dear!! You always manage to find something wonderful for cheap as chips!! I do love the colours of your lovely tablecloth too, have a really nice weekend xxx

  5. 'Big Trash Day' as we call it is still prevalent in the older neighborhoods once a month & good scores can still be had curbside. Some of my favorite pieces were Roadside Treasures in fact, proving that one person's Trash IS another person's Treasure!

    Thanks for stopping by my Gypsy Style Relaxation Post... yes, my Friend Shelly's Southwest Gypsy Caravan is Magnolia Pearlish with a Southwestern Gypsy Flavor and Vibe distinctive to our eclectic Desert Style. Shelly is an amazing Artist, Stylist and she owns some great Shops that are some of my absolute favs in the Metro Phoenix area... plus she's such a Sweetheart and one of the nicest Gal's you could Hope to meet and call a Friend.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. The pitcher is lovely and it does go nicely with that snazzy new tablecloth.

  7. Love the way the table cloth relates to the beautiful pitcher...I think you are going to really enjoy your blackboard. And I really like the way you are displaying the globe hoop...very intriguing.
    Thanks for stopping by FK...all the best!



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