special pieces

While jetting across blogland, I stopped for a brief layover at Aesthetic Alterations.  I was intrigued by this  statement:  "...you don't need much in the closet--you just need special pieces."

I agree!
For me, when it comes to casual wear,
it's hard to beat a denim skirt and black top!
If you've "known" me for any length of time,
you know I call this my "uniform"!
(You also know where I purchased it all.)
Uniforms work well for me.
Life seems simpler this way.
Fewer decisions; fewer items needed;
less space required...

These shoes dress it up just a bit for a morning "connection" with several friends.
Afterwards we'll enjoy lunch together.
Lasagna is my contribution to the menu.


  1. Hi my dear!! I hope you are well and I love the new look blog, very stylish and professional looking!! Special pieces are ideal for the wardrobe, my main wardrobe staples are jeans and jackets, with a few vintage dresses for good measure too xxx

  2. Ha I love your classic style it sure beats the confusion I give myself every morning lol as I try to figure out what goes with this frill or that floral hehehe ~Have a Great Weekend Love Heather

  3. I agree that when it comes to Wardrobe, my Anchor Pieces are what I build upon & I've owned most of them for a very long time... since Style is Timeless.

    Had to smile at your comment on my Blog Post... sometimes I do have trouble keeping up with myself! *winks* But I do so love taking in all the eye candy through the eye of my lens... I'm selective about what I buy, but I Photograph just about everything that catches my interest. *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. You always look so smart in your black and denim. I have a denim skirt but I don't much like it, somehow it always seems so heavy to me. Maybe I need to find a different one.


  5. I recently got two ribbed turtlenecks on sale that I wear with jeans. That makes a simple outfit. If I want to dress it up, I just change casual shoes to heels and add a scarf. I think you have the right idea.

  6. Your denim skirt with black top looks nice, Rebecca. We are so "spoiled" with prices of things, aren't we? Who could ever pay full price in a "regular" store? Not me! ha ha Susan


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