length, shape, color

 It's a new skirt length for me,
but the price was right and I bought it 
at My Favorite Thrift Store this past week.
The jacket is a favorite from my closet.
I like the shape of it, the length of it, and the color of it
(if gray can be called a color).
Even 40 years ago as a college coed, 
I was complimented when I wore gray!


  1. Love grays because they blend well with basic blacks for inexpensive variety.I love jackets and sweaters as well, to mix and match.

    Thanks for comments on my blog. To answer you, yes, I have read Angel Unaware. My mother read it to me as a child, odd choice for naptime, don't you think? Then I read it again as an adult. Maybe I should find it and reread again. I am doing a lot of rereading right now along with new things...if only more reading hours in a day!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. A very chic and classically elegant look. x

  3. Very elegant indeed!!!!!
    The proportions are just great and you look fabulous.


  4. That is a lovely length on you, Rebecca! I love the chic and elegant look of your outfit!

  5. Gray IS a color, it is one of my favorite! That's why I like sea-gulls, they have wonderful shades of gray on white.
    I like your outfit.....good colors on you.

  6. You look very nice in that length. And the gray is great with the outfit. I can wear gray below the waist, but a top washes out my complexion. I do love gray as a background for a spot of color.

  7. Gray is one of my favorites cause it goes with anything (except tans & beiges). The jacket is flattering, and very nice with the rest of your outfit! I'm always amazed when I can wear something I've had a long time. But then it had to wait till my size cooperated!


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