i wonder as i wander....

I wonder why I do this???
I have countless versions of this little tree.
Still, when face-to-face with one at a thrift store,
I can't resist bringing it home.
Yes.  I did it AGAIN last Wednesday
on our wandering way to Thanksgiving gatherings in Illinois.
 I'm very indecisive about our Christmas decorations this year.
So far, it's looking green and white.
I wonder how it will all end?
(I'm not one of those who has the whole picture in mind
before starting.)
It's also time to begin wearing  Christmas tree pins from my jewelry collection...
this one, on a white cardigan sweater today.


  1. I think green and white would be lovely. I love the white wreath photo above! I put away turkeys and got out Santa's yesterday. Put up the tree and think that again this year I will leave ornaments off. I love just the tiny white lights all over and it really feels good--simple and clean...Less is More!

  2. Green and white would make a great Christmas theme!

  3. Hi my dear!! I am much the same with my thinking about Christmas decorations too, green and white with some red and gold sounds good to me! Have a great week ahead xx

  4. My decor is looking green, white, and brown. It could all change though. I tweak my way through the seasons.
    I found four bottle brush-ish trees yesterday. Those things are just too hard to resist!

  5. I too collect Christmas tree pins! As for the green and white motif-throw in another color. Any color would do. Or pick a sparkly nuetral. What ever you decide, I'm sure it will be beautiful. (this is middlechild)

  6. I'm so visual too... and when something captures my interest it is sometimes difficult to resist. I've always Loved the mini Bottlebrush Trees but only very recently acquired a couple. One of the Blogs I follow had a Post about them that just captivated me... she Created Bottlebrush Tree Art using Salvage Hardware as the Base of these gorgeous little Trees... like Antique Doorknobs... and you know what an obsession I have with THOSE!!! Put the two together and naturally I was on a seek and acquire Mission to get some and perhaps eventually replicate this splendid marrying of two items I Love! *Winks*

    Thanks for stopping by... yes, Minimal effort and Frugal are quickly becoming my Mantra lately! *Winks*

  7. I have a small forest of those trees as well but I wouldn't pass up the chance to add another.

    Love the pin!


  8. I adore CHRISTmas pins...gotta get mine out and start wearing them!!! Thanks for the reminder!!!


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