what's on yours?

 What's on YOURS?  
I can't remember where I found the frame...
but it has been sitting empty in our garage for a l-o-n-g time!
Last week, my husband took an old chalkboard 
out of its ordinary frame and fit it to THIS one.
(I found a great idea to make my white pitchers "sing" for Christmas
from Cozy Little House.  You've got to see it for yourself...)
It now occupies just about the only wall space left in our kitchen/dining area.
But that's OK with me.
Do you have a chalkboard/blackboard?
What's "on" it today?

i wonder as i wander....

I wonder why I do this???
I have countless versions of this little tree.
Still, when face-to-face with one at a thrift store,
I can't resist bringing it home.
Yes.  I did it AGAIN last Wednesday
on our wandering way to Thanksgiving gatherings in Illinois.
 I'm very indecisive about our Christmas decorations this year.
So far, it's looking green and white.
I wonder how it will all end?
(I'm not one of those who has the whole picture in mind
before starting.)
It's also time to begin wearing  Christmas tree pins from my jewelry collection...
this one, on a white cardigan sweater today.


 Forgotten until yesterday...
 "found" forlorn and hidden on the bottom shelf
of a corner bookcase...
 thrifted.  Perhaps years ago...
now celebrated and appreciated as if for the first time.

The cornucopia dates back to ancient Greek mythology.. According to legend, Zeus broke the horn of the goat, Amalthea, that was providing his milk. To compensate for this unfortunate accident, Zeus filled the horn with a bountiful harvest of fruits and promised that Amalthea would always have plenty to eat.  It appears in many important paintings and sculptures -- and occasionally on the bottom shelf of bookcases!

trays and tins

When it came time to find a place to store the black tole tray
(read more of the story here),
 I got into a stash of OTHER trays
that I've purchased at thrift stores over the years.
 As you can see, several of them are blue and white.
 I think I have enough.  Until I find the next one...

more (mores)

 Although I have several autumn-colored tablecloths, I couldn't pass this one up!
It's colors are so similar to the large pitcher
that presently serves as a perpetual centerpiece.
Take a look at my prior post to see the rest of this week's  "haul"
from my Favorite Thrift Store.
 Yesterday my husband inserted this chalkboard into an old frame we had.
I believe it was a thrift store find also - but it has been sitting
out in the garage awaiting its transformation for a L-O-N-G time!
Wall space is limited in our kitchen.  
For  now, I have it sitting in front of the mantel.
My husband just finished the little table to my liking.
I asked him to sand down its top and paint the legs black...
We found this table curbside several weeks ago.
It's hard to drive by "free"!
 The globe got knocked out of its stand when our grandchildren
visited us the last time.  I currently like the looks of the empty stand...

more (treasures)

 It was a great day at my Favorite Thrift Store (FTS) yesterday!
The cabinet above housed a Singer sewing machine with all the attachments.
I'll be calling today about the possibility of repair.  
If financially feasible, I'll have it done.
If not, this sweet cabinet will be great for a computer station.  
My capable husband will do the repairs - including new glass for the doors.
 These four bowls will be a gift for a friend who is "doing" her kitchen in black and red...
...and Christmas cometh!
 With the purchase and placement of this "A" frame, 
Santa's workshop on one side of the 3rd story of my largest dollhouse is complete!
(Note the Christmas plaid on the lower part of the walls.)
I have two more items to show from yesterday's excursion.
Stay tuned!  Total spent?  $6.

more (black/gray)

  Yesterday - this vintage jacket, rolled up sleeves with my denim skirt...
 Today - my gray jacket, black and white toille shirt,
and long black velvet skirt.
I played the piano this afternoon for a funeral in a neighborhood church.
All of my clothes here came from thrift stores
and have been in my closet for several years.

length, shape, color

 It's a new skirt length for me,
but the price was right and I bought it 
at My Favorite Thrift Store this past week.
The jacket is a favorite from my closet.
I like the shape of it, the length of it, and the color of it
(if gray can be called a color).
Even 40 years ago as a college coed, 
I was complimented when I wore gray!

special pieces

While jetting across blogland, I stopped for a brief layover at Aesthetic Alterations.  I was intrigued by this  statement:  "...you don't need much in the closet--you just need special pieces."

I agree!
For me, when it comes to casual wear,
it's hard to beat a denim skirt and black top!
If you've "known" me for any length of time,
you know I call this my "uniform"!
(You also know where I purchased it all.)
Uniforms work well for me.
Life seems simpler this way.
Fewer decisions; fewer items needed;
less space required...

These shoes dress it up just a bit for a morning "connection" with several friends.
Afterwards we'll enjoy lunch together.
Lasagna is my contribution to the menu.

getting my turkeys on...

Jack-o'-lanterns out...
Turkeys in.
Otherwise, the rest stays.

 (above)  Needs some candles- and I'm not sure it's a turkey...
but I pretend.

Got my turkeys "on" this morning!
I'm missing one.
Will have to go round it up.
All thrifted except for the big, green one
which was a gift from someone who knew that my uncle's family
used to own the Morton Pottery - where this turkey was made! 
The newest one...found Tuesday at my F.T.S.