eclectic by choice

 Recently, "someone" had a vintage plate organizer on her "wish list".
 I can't remember who.
 I have found two identical ones (pink) at My Favorite Thrift Store 
 and use them side-by-side in my cupboard.
They are NIFTY!
 I splurged yesterday and got some new scouring pads.
This is my favorite kind.
I use them WAY past their usefulness.
Don't ask me why.
 My blue and white hot pads hang next to my stove and simple paper towel holder.
Pads and holder were thrifted items (I've had them forever)
as were the canisters that sit below them.
 Yesterday I added some kitchen pictures to Pinterest.
Mine is due for some serious attention.
My style is eclectic by choice.
Do you know how hard it is 
to FIND pictures of imperfect kitchens!


  1. I had to giggle when you stated, "do you know how hard it is to find pictures of imperfect kitchens". Perhaps we were all brought up with the theory of, "If your dishes are done and your bed is made, your house appears more clean. I actually need to invest in these types of racks and like you, I also hold on to my scrubbies far beyond their use. I end up saving them for cleaning floors or tubs when the bristle wears down enough. Hugs. T

  2. Great dish organizers. I laughted at your scrubbers. I use the same type but I get mine in Chinatown. You can find a pack of about 10 there for the price of 2 or 3 at the local supermarket. Thrifty!


  3. Hi Rebecca! Our kitchen is kind of eclectic, too. I've been waiting a long time to install one last glass-fronted cabinet and I'm still waiting. Oh, well. Gives me something to look forward to. Susan

  4. Are those scrubbies made of steel wool? Did you know that if you wrap a little piece of aluminum foil around a used one it keeps them from rusting? Your blue and white is shining bright. Love all the thrifted stuff you've found recently. I finally got a decent (fast) internet service so can come by and visit more often.

  5. You should try the new scrubbies form 3M I think...any way cheese and eggs don't stick to them. I love them. I put them in the washer and they last forever! Perfect kitchens are not my style. I am eclectic like you!

  6. I have those scrubbies too and love them!! I am even taking them on a medical mission on next week to help the missionarie's wife with dishes!!

  7. That is a great organizer good idea :) Tools of the trade...Gotta love the scrubby things :) ~Love Heather

  8. Love the racks but fear they would not hold enough for me. My stacks are SO tall. Your blue and whites look like home to me.
    Found a bit more blue and whites this weekend myself... will post at later date.

  9. Love your blue and white hot pad. It doesn't look like you use it. Mine get so icky after awhile and I have to get new ones. I love scrubbies, too. When I use them on my shower, it works, but the blue stuff is hard to wash down. I'll have to try that with the foil. Good idea.

    1. Nancy, a little "scorch" shows in the picture (on my hotpads). And these scrubbies don't have the blue stuff in them - no need to use the foil...

  10. I like your style. I have two canisters like yours, your blue transfer dishes are lovely.
    Hugs, Cindy


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