the comeback kid

"The old-fashioned typewriter is making a comeback."
 Google it if you don't believe it!
 Anyhow, this DEFINITELY was the heaviest item I purchased while out thrifting yesterday.
Of metal construction, we believe this one was made in the late 60's.  
The case snaps on to the machine itself--making a convenient (albeit heavy) package
to carry from place to place.
While "trolling" blogs yesterday afternoon,
the very first two I discovered featured vintage typewriters
sitting decoratively on simple wooden tables.
See THIS ONE, for example!  It's WONDERFUL.
(I think I'll have to create a new Pinterest category!)
By the way, do you "troll",
and do you own/display a vintage, manual typewriter in your home?

I also "found" these two items...
I couldn't just LEAVE them there!


  1. oh I love typewriters my Dad has one....they are very amusing hehehe ~enjoy your new treasure Love Heather

  2. Rebecca.... I LOVE the touch of a Royal typewriter. I learned to type on one, and will never forget the touch that it had...distinctive....not only the touch but the sound. Interesting that the typewriter could make a comeback. My Grandchildren don't even know what one is. (I smiled one day when my oldest Grand asked me about a vinyl record that I had. She asked if it was a special kind of CD.) Sigh.

  3. We used to have a very old Royal and I loved plunking down the keys when I was a child. I loved my other typewriter. Don't remember the brand. The one you found is so cool. Enjoy it.

  4. What a great find! Does it bring back memories of carbon paper and typewriter erasers? ;-) I still have my old Tom Thumb typewriter with case from my childhood.

  5. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  6. I have an old typewriter in my bedroom with a love letter in it. Like I typed it, right. I learned on a manual in typing class. Some had electric but I had the old school version. There were not enough electric for the whole class. I am old.

  7. I think "trolling" has a different meaning than what you intend (at least when it comes to blogs and forum-type sites): it means to leave mean, anonymous comments (sometimes trolls use pseudonyms), and deliberately stir up trouble. I'm pretty sure you aren't like that, Rebecca. Trolls are reviled, and many sites have moderators to help spot trolls and trouble-makers and block them from the site.

    I know what you mean, though. I think of it as "browsing," as though I were wandering through a bookstore, picking out books here and there and perusing them.

    I don't have a manual typewriter anymore, but I learned on one!

  8. You saw what I gave Andy for Christmas, right? My dad's circa 1940-42 Royal typewriter! If you missed it you can scroll through this post and see a good picture :) I did use it for a display for a long time, but knew Andy would enjoy it with his bent for all things vintage.


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