just a wannabe

 After washing and ironing this one, it will be passed along to our oldest granddaughter.
Don't know why, but I always check for aprons
at My Favorite Thrift Store.  
They're there with the cloth napkins, linen towels, doilies, etc.
Found this one on my most recent excursion.
 I guess it's clear that I have a "thing" for aprons
 though I have no idea WHY!
 I'm certainly no professional domestic engineer type...
 just a wannabe.


  1. Ha cute Well you make a very lovely apron clad wannabe!! Love your apron collection ~Love Heather

  2. Hi my dear!! happy new year to you and what a cute post, you certainly are a very stylish wannabe- a lovely collection indeed xx

  3. There's nothing cheerier than a vintage apron! You look so elegant in the bib apron!

  4. And they are all lovely! :)


  5. I love your collection. I never thought to look for aprons. Thanks for the idea. You do each apron proud.

  6. You look like a professional in that beautiful apron!

  7. Gosh, remember when everyone in the Kitchen Creating a Meal wore an Apron!?! You just don't see that so much anymore... I'm no domestic goddess so The Man is actually a better Culinary Artist that Moi... and I doubt I could ever get him to don an Apron so I finally got rid of most of my Vintage ones. *Winks* Thanks for stopping by with as always words that Inspire and Encourage... you are so kind!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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