the bottom of the bin

The doll house served a unique function yesterday.
I had used it as a bribe to encourage practice on the part of my piano student.
The bribe was successful, and
she spent a full hour redecorating the entire house.
 I have SO many miscellaneous pieces.  I collect them anywhere I find them.
Few are in proper scale.  It makes it more fun somehow.
I think I could spend hours at the Toy Bin at My Favorite Thrift Store!
That's where I find my BEST treasures--
at the very bottom of the bin.


  1. I had doll house when I was a lots of use out of it. I took such good care of things, but I had to share it with a sister so not all was well with pieces lasting. I don't do doll houses as an adult though, never been drawn to it. Guess I don't need more "housekeeping"!

  2. Cute dollhouse, Rebecca. What a good idea to motivate a little piano player, too. Great job! Susan

  3. This is one thing on my wish list one day I hope to get, find, thrift, insert word of choice. I want to get one you buy unmade and do all the work from the ground up on it. It is a bucket list item for me and I can't wait. Adorable house and child. Hugs.

    1. My husband has done a few that way...We also have found a few that someone began but lost enthusiasm for. It's been fun giving them "life" and personality.

  4. Oh to have been able to play with that dollhouse when I was a little girl. I would have loved it.

  5. When I was growing up I always wanted a doll house like yours,Rebecca, but my parents couldn't afford one. Though I had a girlfriend who did, and I always enjoyed hers. ~smile~ Yours is lovely and who knows I might just get one someday. ~smile. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I want to be there! I have many happy memories of my doll house when I was a child. Now my granddaughters play with one. Such fun!


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