double pleasure

 I selected this color for the second bench (or "bednch" as I've dubbed them).
My husband constructed them out of railings from a baby's bed
that we found discarded curbside some time ago.
This one was the first one he did.
He painted it white and will donate it to a silent auction
to be held at our church later this month.
I can't wait until spring to find a place on our porch for the green one!
Below - one of the sides of the crib that was split to make two of the arms of the bench....
Quite a transformation, huh?


  1. Both look super duper, Rebecca. Few song birds around this morning, half way through February today...spring easing in I think!

    1. Your words bring me hope on this c-o-l-d winter morning!

  2. Gary did a great job! Hard to decide which color I like better!

    1. I'm kind of sad we will be splitting them up! The colors sort of "play" against each other, I think.


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