worn familiarity

"I am not a collector of anything.  I just take home what's been lost letting its humble  and soulful beauty live again along with pieces I can rest my heart on."  
Said (and illustrated) so beautifully here, I think it comes close to expressing 
exactly what I gravitate towards 
in accenting our simple dwelling...

Nothing new, really....in ANY sense of the word!
Just old, thrifted or "found" items that catch my eye
and comfort me with their worn familiarity...


  1. Hi Rebecca...I like your portrait and book background.

    My favorite object from your list is the pretty clock!

    Have a nice Saturday. Susan

    1. I'm looking at my "stuff" differently as I peruse other people's blogs. Learning I don't need more - just look at what I have with "new eyes"...

  2. Hi Rébécca,
    Thank you dearly for adding beauty to my weekend, there is such a true and honest feeling when our senses pick up on a piece of old beauty that triggers a time, place or feeling that we have to drag home to inspire that daily feeling until that new piece comes along. I love that you show the pieces that you have honored and proudly display.
    I love your photos and that pants hanger brings me to my grandparents closet when I first fell in love with something that someday would become something of beauty not just function.

    Keep inspiring your beauty, and visit as often as you would like.

    May your weekend bring you many blessings for above.
    Blessings to you and yours.


  3. Swoon...I love that clock, it's beautiful fear Rebecca. I always think that whenever I bring home something vintage, it usually evokes me some old time and wold feeling and it makes me feel warm and conforting every time there's a new hunt, the feeling is back, and there I go again, lol...Thanks for dropping by, lovely lady. Hugs,

  4. You have some beautiful old worn things. I love those same simple worn things. Hugs, Cindy


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