temporary solution

 Susan's comment on my post yesterday sent me searching.
I remembered having two Tiffany-style lamp shades somewhere.
While this one isn't the perfect shape,
it is a temporary solution..
...at least until I find the OTHER one (more blue and white).
I just can't remember where I put it,
and I can't remember where I purchased either one of them.
I'm positive it was a thrift store or garage sale though.
Thanks, Susan!


  1. OMG, Rebecca. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS. You needed look for another shade. That one's PERFECT. Love it. Susan

  2. Well, THANKS, Susan. I like the colors, but the shape seems a little shallow. I think the other one has a little more depth to it. Sure hope I can find it - if for no other reason than just to see if it looks any better :)


  3. Don't my just HATE when you know it is there...but where????

  4. Tiffany style goes perfectly here...
    Great choice!!

  5. Hey, remember it was also my idea! Susan just got her comment in first! lol It looks great but I want to see the other one, too.

    1. Well! Thank YOU, Sandy. No oversight intended :) Hey, I can't wait to see the other one either! This really has me stumped.

  6. Looks like you found a great shade, hopefully you will find the other one just to compare. I like your banister just as it is (not painted). It looks so pretty against the light wall.


  7. That Tiffany shade looks fabulous on the lamp, it's really beautiful! Hugs, Cindy


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