herding cats 2

 "Herding Cats 2" because #1 is already written...
 a reflection on an experience I had on Sunday.  You can read it here (if you care).
 It sent me photographing these cats and cat-related objects
that I've collected while thrifting--
not for myself, but for a cat-loving friend.
 It dawned on me that the results of my  thrifting forays in past
 have left me with a challenge that could be described as...
"herding cats".  
Do you know what I mean?


  1. Hi there! Cats are really cute objects of art to collect, I love the bookplates and the tin! Hope you are well, have a great week xxx

  2. Well, Rebecca, I'm familiar with herding. I don't herd cats, necessarily, but plenty of other things.

    Have a nice Monday. Susan

  3. I like cats but don't collect them. I would have been delighted to find those book plates tho.


  4. I hope you had fun. The book plates are adorable.

  5. You're talking about something that is impossible to do, like herding cats. I like all of the cat parafanalia that you've found. I love cats and have several cat things in my house.
    Hugs, cindy

  6. If the cats in your photos all belong to you, then you do have a collection :-) I have heard it said that whenever you accumulate 3 of something it becomes a collection!
    Enjoyed your cats blog.


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