the more the merrier

 and merrier!
 After struggling to adopt the "Less is more" mantra,
I'm giving up!

ABIGAIL AHERN is partially responsible! I just LOVE her work and the way she shares her decorating philosophy... "Don’t stop decorating too soon, most people actually do and it shows. Walls are bare, tables are empty, there might be one cushion on a sofa if we’re lucky, possibly a few lights NOT ENOUGH. The more you dress a room, the more intriguing a room becomes. Please don’t ask me about dust, yes you have to dust more but what would you rather a space that you truly long to return to at the end of the day or an empty box. Nor do I believe the line ‘my life is so cluttered and full my house needs to feel spacious and empty’. Rubbish, come on you’ve just not spent any time on softening it up simple as that, and who can feel comfortable, squishy and contented in an empty shell of a room?"


  1. I enjoy having the things that I love around me in my home, too, Rebecca.
    I figured that that's why there is a Swiffer duster....

  2. I love all of the blue at the top of your wardrobe and I do love the desk with the blue lamp. It's simple, but decorated, too.

  3. Good for you coming to that conclusion, Rebecca. Like one of my life mentors, the interior designer and writer, Alexandra Stoddard, I believe in surrounding one's self with beautiful things.

    Your photos are lovely and everything looks great to me. Susan

  4. I like your home, it's comfortable and attractive. Hugs, Cindy

  5. All is nice but I esp. like the little chest under the mirror...loaded with blue and white!

  6. I totally agree. I enjoy my home and all the things I have decorated it with. Some might call it cluttered but I love it. Sparse, bare, spacious, these words don't even sound welcoming and warm nor is that the way I want to have the rooms in my home. Your home is wonderful.

  7. You know how to decorate with using more....many people do not and have a cluttered over done messy have style...I love your decor. :) I hate to admit but i live in a box LOL

  8. Alas....I love my "stuff" so much. I've taken box after box to the thrift store, but can't seem to make a dent in all the things we've accumulated in almost 36 years of marriage! :'(


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