hospital style

Alone in the elevator at Parkview Hospital on the way to visit a friend
I took advantage of the full sized mirror on the door
to take a rare wardrobe photo.
Here's a closer look at the pattern of my shirt.
The necklace picked up the gold of the buckle in the brown belt I wore.
(Forget that I forgot to slip out of my plastic sandals into black pumps.)
As you might surmise, everything I'm wearing was purchased at a thrift store.
As I left the elevator on the fifth floor,
this beautiful painting hung on the wall to my left.
It reminded me of the Big Art featured
at the Bohemian Vintage blog this morning.
What a pop of style Big Art introduces to one's space!
 Speaking of art....this is the stenciling I did on the table I posted in a prior post.
The colors are quite muted, but pick up the colors
on the Formica top of the table.
I'm pleased.


  1. You look dolled up for the hospital visit! I am sure seeing you lifted your friend's spirits.

  2. you look cute! and I love the stenciling that you did very nice ~Love Heather

  3. I really love your blog n you are looking sooo pretty.
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  4. You look nice in your thrift clothes, you dress from the same stores that I do, it sounds like. :)The furniture that you and your husband redo is really beautiful, you do an excellent job and the stencilling is very pretty!

  5. you would never guess your clothing is have a great style.

  6. Love the outfit! You have such an eye for spotting the good stuff! Thanks for your spurred me on to get a whimsy made last night! I put in in a blog this morning.

  7. Discovered you over at Maria's! You are simply adorable! As one about to turn 50, I'm inspired by your spunk and style. :) Blessings! ~Lisa

    1. I'm spending time in the hospital again - this time with my father. In between the times we are allowed to visit him, I take advantage of the wi-fi here, so I'll try to come over and visit you. It's good to meet you, Lisa. Life is good after 50 AND after 60 :) God is faithful.

    2. So sorry your father is in the hospital. :( Thanks for visiting as well as for the encouragement! ~Lisa


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