no-cost dresses

 Where to start?  
 I wore this dress last Sunday.  I've worn it several times,
 but THIS time I got two compliments from strangers at Cracker Barrel where we went for dinner.
(The only thing different was I was wearing the Anne Klein necklace
 that you see in the following photo.)
 And when I picked up a friend for lunch on Tuesday, she said, "I meant to tell you how much
I liked the dress you were wearing Sunday!"
I got this dress off the "Give and Take table at church.  Free.
THEN on Thursday (I think), another friend rang my doorbell and gave me THESE two dresses.
 She had them hanging in her closet, wasn't wearing them, and thought I might like them....
I said, "If they fit, I'd love to have them."
They fit.
And this morning, I'm wearing the black dress with this jacket to church.
It's been a week of no-cost dresses, thanks to friends.


  1. I love wearing something new! You have wonderful friends!

  2. Hi there! How thoughtful and lovely to have free dresses, I love the colour of the first one and you look great in this last photo too! Xxx

  3. The dress is pretty, the beads are fine, but I think it is the woman who makes the outfit sparkle!

  4. Very lovely dress and free too, my goodness! I love your necklease. You know what I love too?..and it's finding old cloths in my closet I have forgotten because they were pasee and look great now, or if I do a Little updating here and a couple of black suits I just fixed by thinning the legs of the pants on each. Have a blessed week.

  5. Sometimes the best things are those unexpected gifts the ones that friends are just giving away...I had a friend give me the most beautiful quilt I use it on my bed every day :) love Heather

  6. Your dresses are beautiful, and you look very nice in the floral dress with a jacket. I love dresses, don't you? They are so much nicer, I think, than separates.
    Have a good week!

    1. I do like dresses - of some styles. Very basic, simple lines for me. I also wear a lot of skirts and tops, too. Depends on the occasion, I guess. :)


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