i get a round

 Above - a footstool (sort of).
It sits between our two recliners 
and collects all SORTS of stuff.
As I sat in my chair before daybreak Saturday morning,
I wondered if I hold a record for the most round pieces
of furniture in one room!
This table  is much larger than it appears.
One of my favorite pieces of furniture in our living room,
it has a beautiful wood pattern on top.
My husband refinished it a while ago.
The coffee table is the third round piece of furniture in this room.
It fits perfectly in the round of the vintage sectional.
Oh, yes.  I get a round!
Speaking of getting around, I went on a Home and Garden Walk
Saturday.  If you enjoy gardens, you might check out
my garden blog and see what I thought to be some of the highlights.


  1. You do get a round! Your round pieces are all very nice, enjoy your day!

  2. Interesting observation...I looked around my apartment and i have squares every where :)

  3. Nice. I think round shapes add a kind of energy to a room where much is square.



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