one more thing

 Just as our project was nearing completion,
we had one final brainstorm (and not a small one)..
Fortunately, our general contractor was able to fit it into his schedule.
We're removing the French doors and installing
a "regular" door.
Drywall will fill in the gap.
This will allow for a little extra wall space
to accommodate a small chest of drawers near one of the closets
in the newly formed bedroom..
It ALSO means extra wall space on THIS side --
the dining area of our kitchen.
It's a win-win decision
(except for a little more dust and a few more days of disruption).


  1. This is good idea for all your reasons, but I would hate to give up French doors! I have no room for them but guess I always thought it would be fun to sweep through them like I was Loretta Young or something! The white door is a beauty though too!

  2. Many people try to find ways to have a French door. Space is always an issue. (P.S. love your header photo with all the doilies)


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