downsizing, consolidating, organizing and decluttering.
(And those chairs from the previous post?
They've had two coats of chalk paint and he says they need one more.
I'm getting quite anxious here!)


  1. What a warm, cozy, inviting and pretty reading nook, pretty lady!
    I also love your heading, very lovely indeed.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

    1. Thanks, Fabby! Sorry I've not been "over" to see you lately. I'm getting back into the rhythm of blogging and will be by soon ♥

  2. Hi Rebecca, I love this room, the books are so comforting, I love to be surrounded by them. I had a chair just like this, color and all, and loved it. My mother did too and as a child I used to lie in the seat and my legs were up along the wings crossed at the ankle. Only when she was not at home of course!

  3. I can identify 100%, Rebecca. Weeding books is beyond excruciating. You did well to get one box for charity. I did that recently and also got one VERY SMALL box. ha! Books are like arms and legs. Hard to let them go. Susan

  4. I LOVE that reading corner. I've been able to get rid of some books since moving to our smaller house. I can't help but notice though that I seem to have room - for some more books!

  5. My next book thinning project will be all of the grandchildren's board books. I got read of dozens of them a few months ago, but it's getting harder, not easier. I am sooo sentimentally attached to them, even if the grandchildren are not.


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