anxious no more

In my last post I said I was "anxious" to get these chairs finished.
I'm anxious no more.
It took three coats of chalk paint.
Then we sanded and my husband applied clear wax and buffed them.
The old, velvet seats were reattached.
And I'm pleased.  VERY pleased.


  1. They look amazing! You and your husband are so talented!

  2. Love them. White is the only way to go. Wishing you would show them with the table and other chairs.

    1. I don't have a matching table or other chairs. I used these (dark) with miscellaneous chairs around a dark table. Painted these white and moved them up to our bedroom where there are some white bookcases. I'm hunting for a table to put up there. Something small (but large enough to accommodate the wide seats).

  3. Wonderful indeed! They look so updated while still retaining their feeling of the elegance of the past.


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