going gray

We're making a bold (for us) move and going gray 
for our remodeled bathroom!
DARK gray.
There will be plenty of white trim.  
Hubby is applying the first coat this evening.
I'm going to like it!
 My Facebook critics weighed in:
"Sophisticated and calming...
Dramatic and classy."
I HOPE so!
My best half - after installing our new lights.....


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lorraine. There was a certain shock involved in actually seeing it on our own walls!

  2. It's a really pretty color and looking forward to the after pictures.

  3. Our spare bedroom is painted storm grey and we love it, the perfect dramatic backdrop to the madness in the rest of the room! xxx

  4. Oh, I like the gray....a LOT. I want to paint our hall bath gray, but a lighter version. The white trim is gonna "pop" against that gray. Great choice!!!

  5. A friend in NM has a dark gray dining room and it is stunning!


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