almost. not quite.

Almost.  Not quite...
One more coat of (homemade) chalk paint, a coat of wax and a buffing...
Stay tuned.


  1. So, what's your recipe for homemade chalk paint?

    Looking forward to seeing how these turn out. I know they will look great. Will you be making seats for them?

    Have a lovely weekend dear Rebecca ~ FlowerLady

  2. 1/3 c. plaster of Paris, 1/3 c. water - mix together. Then add to 1 c. of paint. Gary says this is pretty thick. Can add water.

    There are gold velvet seats that are still in pretty good shape. I think I'll use them "as is".

    YOU have a lovely weekend, too♥

  3. Beautiful style of chair. Looking forward to seeing the final finish.

  4. They look wonderful, I can imagine an Elegant Edwardian lady in the tropics sipping a G&T whilst sitting on one of these! xxx

    1. Well, all I'll need is the "elegant Edwardian lady & the G&T".....

  5. Ah, I have an old chair with just a bit of caning in the back similar to that. I want to paint it and was worried about painting the caning. You've given me "permission", LOL!


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