monday meanderings

 Another light weight wool jacket...This one goes well with my blue denim capris--worn with black long-sleeved Tee and a turquoise pendant necklace.

I found these two plastic pumpkins and the table runner while looking for something else!  The runner fits nicely on my newly refinished table and the colors match the chair seats.  (I'd totally forgotten that I had these item..)  I made the white ceramic pumpkin at a ceramic shop last year about this time.  I'm SO glad I made it white.  White pumpkins are my favorites.

After a couple of meetings this morning, I prepared and combined the ingredients for hamburger soup (mostly vegetables).  It's cooking on the stovetop right now - creating a WONDERFUL scent in the whole house!  It is a huge recipe, so I plan to run some to a friend who is in pain with a pinched nerve.  It's a beautiful day here--just a bit cool.


  1. Weather update: the sun did come out later in the afternoon and I'm sure your niece was able to enjoy herself!

    Love the pumpkins, Bonnie

  2. Your turquoise pendant necklace looks gorgeous and you look so comfy for those works you did.
    The pumpkins are so cute.


  3. Very nice runner and pumpkins, Rebecca, especially your white one. Great job! Susan

  4. I do like that white ceramic pumpkin! You've inspired me to hunt down some denim Rebecca...I looked last week at the Salvation Army store for a vest...I'll keep looking. Your outfit is cute...perfect for these early fall days!

  5. I like the white pumpkin too.

    I made homemade soup last night - there's nothing like it for making the whole house smell good!


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