sorry no more

We "stumbled" on a church rummage sale this afternoon.  I've learned that if you're not there when the doors open (in this case, early this morning), you miss some of the "prime" merchandise! So, I was thrilled to find these four flower frogs.  They are all quite large - like maybe 4" diameters!  Things weren't priced at this particular sale.  Donations were the order of the day.

I used to have quite a collection of these.  Then one day I sold them at a garage sale.  I've been sorry ever since!  Now I'm Sorry No More.

Here I am - dressed and ready before dawn.  Today I speak on the subject of "Simplicity" at a Ladies' Event - 2 sessions.

I've chosen to wear my $.50 brown cowl neck sweater & $.50 black velvet skirt.  The brown shoes cost me $.30!   I feel appropriately simple & reasonably attractive in my "browns and black".

Jewelry?  A simple gold chain necklace and two unmatched gold hoop earrings.

(Yes.  I see the disarray in my living room.)


  1. So glad you hit the jackpot at the rummage sale, Rebecca. Isn't it funny how we pop something in a sale and then miss it?

    Anyhow, thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. Always love having you stop by. Susan

  2. I have some of those same flower frogs myself. Know what I use the little "pin" ones for? You can stand a card (or small collage or painting) upright in between the pins. Makes a great display.

    I'd love to hear your talk on simplicity.


  3. Hi Rebecca, You have such a lovely home and your hair looks pretty today...a little "fluffy!" My mom used to do flower arranging and we had a ton of frogs but no idea where they are now!

  4. I never knew they were called frogs. Love the shape of the jumper on you, very elegant. xxx

  5. Rebecca;You look like a model. You are a natural at posing. I hope the talk went well. It's been awhile since I spoke anywhere. I am hoping to do some more soon. My next scheduled talk is in February. What wonderful bargains on the clothes. I almost never find those things. This week in Colorado was the exception!

  6. Lori...THANK YOU! This one is pretty dark. I just use my cell phone (struggle to get it to stand up), set it on 10 second delay and RUN to try to stay "normal" before it takes the picture! It's a challenge. I usually have to throw away 3-4 for any good one! What possesses me to DO this??????

  7. I had no idea that those were called flower frogs, either. Actually, I'm not sure that I would have known what they were had I encountered them at a rummage sale.

    Pretty cowl-neck top!

  8. You look beautiful ...what in the world is a flower frog?? I just can't figure it out hehehehe!!~ Love Heather

  9. Somehow I missed this post. That is a great photo of you! Love that outfit. I have a similar sweater that I bought new last year, on sale, in pale gray. I looks nice with my black slacks. Maybe this year I can wear it with my ancient black velvet skirt. Does your computer have a feature where you can edit the photos you upload from your phone? If so, sometimes you can lighten them up a little that way. I usually forget to do that, however. I chuckled when I read "two unmatched gold hoop earrings" -- I have so many "favorite" earrings where I have lost one and kept the other!

  10. Hi Rebecca,
    I decided to check your other blogs out, too. I had to comment here, because I have a pretty large flower frog collection. Notice, I said I have a collection, and not that I collect flower frogs. I went pretty wild there for awhile, then, decided I better quit buying new ones. There are a couple butterfly ones I want to get sometime off of ebay.

    I've thought of getting rid of some of mine, but, so far, haven't had the courage to. I use my spikey ones to hold photos. Oh, if you want to see some photos, I did a post on them. I have a link in my sidebar about the things I collect.


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