I realized I DO have a fashion post in me....sort of.  One of my favorite fashion blogs is Vintage Vixen.  This gorgeous lady is creative, daring, frugal, innovative, and (most importantly) kind.  She has an eye for vintage clothes and accessories.  In yesterday's post she explained that she buys at low enough prices that she is able to sell her clothes on ebay.  She also said about every two weeks, she spends a day repairing zippers, hems, and tears etc.

When I read that she pays her local cobbler 2.50 pounds to reheel shoes, I was a little jealous.  (But then, I'm not sure how British pounds and American dollars actually compare.)

Remember my $.30 brown shoes?  After two wearings, I realized one of the heels was gone.  So it was off to the shoe repair shop.  It's been awhile since I've had a pair of shoes in the shop.  At the price I buy my shoes, it sometimes makes more sense to get rid of them and buy another pair for $1-3.

I really liked the comfort of these particular shoes, and considering my meager investment in them,  I reluctantly paid the $9 plus tax price to have them reheeled.  My husband picked them up Tuesday.
What's the price for reheeling in YOUR town?


  1. Clinton Kelly, fashion guru of What Not To Wear, says that shoes are the most important part of an outfit. I love these brown shoes of yours! I think you were smart to invest in reheeling them if they are comfortable...you will get years of wear out of them! Guess what? My great uncle had a shoe repair shop in our home town for years when I was growing up. It seems to be a dying art...I don't even know where such a shop exists anymore. I remember getting my high heels fixed -- those scrapes that so easily ruin them -- for very cheap. I went over to check out Vintage Vixen. She is amazing. I think right now 2.5 Brittish pounds would be about $4 US ... but I'm not positive on that...

  2. We used to live 1/2 block from an old-fashioned shoe repair shop. We used him frequently. I had to hunt to find this one and he required 1/2 payment in advance and the prices were MUCH more than I expected. However, business is business - and obviously $9.30 (plus tax) is not too much to spend on a pair of good shoes!

  3. Hi Rebecca and thanks for the mention! Jacqueline's right, £2.50 is $4. We're lucky to have an independent cobbler in the town, friends who live further away pay around £7 for a re-heel. It's a dying art as clothing becomes more throwaway.
    Those shoes were well worth saving! xxx

  4. It's about $9-10 Canadian. It's worth it to re-heel your shoes, as the original heels are often a high-squish plastic. Many shoe repair places do a "punch card" so that after 10 you get one free!

  5. Hi there-yes I adore Vixs blog too, she is an amazing and very inspirational blogger! My shoe mending where I live is about £5, double that of Vixs! Your shoes are lovely, certainly worth the mending!

  6. Great shoes and worthy of repair I'd say. I have no idea of the cost here. I need to have some scratches buffed out of a leather bag (Coach so it is worth repairing) and I'm hoping to find a shoe repair shop that can do that.


  7. It coasts about 5 euros to re-heel shoes here. Right now about $7 USD, it is def worth.
    Your shoes seem comfy and lovely, certainly worth, I'm sure.
    A new fashion blog for me to check.... thanks for sharing. I'll try to stop by as soon as I'll be more free.



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