what's new here?

Black denim jeans & vest - from thrift store to closet shelves...
What's new is this triple strand necklace.  It was in a $.25 see-through bag of jewelry that I bought recently at a church rummage sale--MAINLY because I thought I saw an (genuine) ivory necklace.

I haven't tested the ivory necklace yet.  It's a little primitive, but I'm optimistic.  I was going to throw this necklace away but decided it was worth keeping.  It has one silver strand and two off-white.


  1. very cute great color on you ~Love Heather

  2. Gorgeous colour, so rich and regal looking. I love the necklace, what a find. xxx

  3. I turn pea green when you tell us about your thrift store finds. I can't help myself. A QUARTER? Thrift stores here don't sell anything for a quarter.

    You are wearing the denim well.


  4. Rebecca...You find the most amazing bargains. Good for you! Susan

  5. Love the outfit Rebecca, I need you to come and go through my closet and help me with my outfits. You do find the best deals, Thank you for sharing.

  6. You look great my dear, love the pop of colour.

    Wish you a lovely week.


  7. For sure it's worth keeping! I love your cropped vest and the pretty color of your top, too.

    Hope that you had a wonderful weekend, Rebecca.

  8. Hi my dear-fab bargains, the cerise colour top looks lovely with your black denim and your necklace is a great find indeed! x

  9. Our thrift (cancer) shop up the street was having 1/2 price on denim today, and I found a new pair of jeans for my husband for $4. I thought if they didn't fit he could take them to Haiti on his next mission trip, but they fit better than any pair he owns. And by New, I mean they were--the worn, faded look, but brand new.


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