the price was right...

sea shells/star fish

I'm not sure ANYTHING else is...
Well, maybe the buttons.


  1. Rebecca, if you're referring to the way
    this outfit looks on you I think it's
    just great. Very flattering. This is a
    look I've considered but haven't tried
    yet--the leggings with a big top or
    dress. I see a lot of the youngr women
    wearing it but you definitely have made
    me think I can pull it off. I like it!

  2. Sandy, I've gotta quite worrying about it and get to church! It's not about me, anyway. I DID worry about people thinking I was trying to look too young....

  3. I think this is a GREAT look Rebecca. It looks "current" not too young. I have a tunic and crop pants outfit that I wore a lot this past summer and I felt good in it every time. I think I need a dress like yours to carry the look through this winter.


  4. Hi there-great idea to pair it with the leggings, it looks so much more stylish this way! x

  5. The leggings wear a great idea...You look Great~ Love Heather

  6. Rebecca, I think that it looks very fresh paired with leggings. What about wearing the dress under one of your vests/waistcoats? Would you feel comfortable wearing the top button unbuttoned too? I'm wondering if it might look better if you had more of a V-neck opening to the neckline.
    I love the buttons - how fun!

  7. Rebecca dear you look GREAT!!!!! As you said to me you're brave my friend :)
    And those buttons, so cute!!!!!


  8. Kari, I DO prefer V-necks. So I tried your suggestion. Unfortunately, it just didn't make a very fine "V"--the weight of the button or something.

  9. Just wanted to comment on looking "too young." Is that possible? I quit worrying about that a while back. I have a shorter dress that has a handkerchief hem--meant to go with leggings. I've worn it that way, but now am rather coupling it with a peasant style skirt of like fabrics with a long lace top over it. It makes a very WW1 sort of look (my favorite) when it was really intended to be a leggings dress. Amazing what you can do with creativity! Keep up the bargain shopping!

  10. Lori, How creative! I watch and admire OTHER people come up with these types of outfits, but when I come to my own, I can't "SEE" it--it never occurs to me (until it's too late)!

  11. Rebecca, I think this outfit is very nice on you actually. I love the look, it looks simple and casual and very comfortable and light! You look great!


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