my new denim

Black velvet is my new denim!  At least temporarily.   
It's comfortable & versatile.  
Here with a powder blue tee shirt.
Maybe I'll throw on my black denim vest before I leave the house.
Last night while my husband watched football,  I covered an empty match box with wall paper remnants (cut out part of the design for the ends).  I used mod podge to fasten it and applied a coat to top it off.  Then I placed two pumpkin pie spice candles in it to give to a friend when she comes for tea this morning.  Hope she likes it!
 I think a few of you were wondering what I'd do with my recently acquired "flower frogs".  Well, I MIGHT use this one to hold recipes.  I've also seen them holding photos or Victorian postcards or calling cards...
 This type (below) can be used to hold pens and pencils -- or simply as a paperweight.
What are you repurposing or creating this week?


  1. Great outfit! According to another blog I follow, velvet is making a comeback. She also listed several trends that can be found at thrift/consignment shops. Cute gift for your guest! Good ideas for the flower frogs; have to dig around to see there are any lurking about. Have a blessed day (enjoy your tea)! Donna

  2. Lovely outfit, Rebecca. Gorgeous gift, your friend will be thrilled at such thoughtfulness, I'm sure.
    I love the idea for your frogs, too. A fantastic way to display photographs. xxx
    PS My night-in plans went well, thank you!

  3. Hi there-a lovely outfit, black velvet is perfect for Autumn! x

  4. Velvet does feel good doesn't it? I like the idea of pairing it with black denim too.

    Cute match box idea. I'll bet the candles smell good.


  5. I wore black velvet pants today, Rebecca. Liked your match box re-make. I'll bet your friend loved the pumpkin candles, too. Take care. Susan

  6. I would never have thought of getting the black velvet out at this time of year...usually save it for Dec & Jan...but I see I'm in the minority here. I have a beautiful long black velvet dress that I wore to my parent's 50th anniv. party back in '97. I can't bear to part with it...wondering if it will fit me there's a worthy goal!

    Love that match box idea! I have a "special" matchbox that I get out every year at Christmastime when we always have so many candles out. I just keep refilling it. You can also decorate them with felt, glue a string or ribbon on it, and hang it on the Christmas tree with a tiny gift or note inside.

    I'm sure your friend was thrilled at your thoughtfulness! That is darling!

  7. Jacque--that match box decorated for just for Christmastime is a GREAT idea! Can't wait 'til the next one is emptied! I like your ideas for decorating them, too!

  8. Hello dear, well you know I'm so digging for velvet..... Love it and your skirt is fantastic.
    I also like the idea of pairing it with black denim (something soft something more rough).

    And what a great job you did decorating he box. I bet your friend loved it, so meanfull....

    Hope you had a nice day.


  9. 'twas good to hear from EACH ONE of you! Thanks for checkin' in on the Old and rather Ordinary Lady :) I treasure your friendship (and I'm still trying to come up with the one perfect word for blog friends).

  10. Well you need to know that you inspired me to my closet this morning and I tried on the old velvet dress. I am so excited to report that I was happy with the way it fit and I'm anxious to wear it this year! Then I tried on two velvet skirts I've had for years, and I think I can wear BOTH of them again as well. I'm going to have to hit the thrift stores and look for tops.


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