Accessorizing with Thrift Store Items

Last week I hung these two oil paintings on either side
of a large mirror on our living room wall.
Underneath the mirror is a stand on which this smaller painting sits
along with these three decorative tins.
All of these items except the small painting were found at thrift stores or garage sales.


  1. Once again you have bargains on your wall. Looks very does the table top arrangement!

  2. Beautiful paintings!!!
    As per usual you found such great things, my friend.


  3. Your three paintings go so well together. It all looks nicely balanced.


  4. Love that picture of the tree in the storm. It "speaks" doesn't it? You truly have the knack for tableau settings.

    1. Nancy, I spoke at a ladies' retreat in the far upper peninsula of Michigan. There was an artist there and several women recommended I purchase one of his works. I chose this small one (all I could afford). It's of Lake Superior - a very rugged lake; not nearly as developed as some of the other Great Lakes.....


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