Church Rummage Sale

 Described here as: 
Pair of Pot Metal Cat Figural Pins
 $20.00 (€14.54),
I found my pair (pictured above) at a church rummage sale today.
Mine are actually in better condition than those shown on this link
and are brown rather than gray.
(If you'd be interested in purchasing the kitty cats, send me a note with an offer.
It shouldn't cost too much to ship them.)
 I couldn't resist this wooden pair!
They were in a box of Christmas goodies that I took the time to dig through.
This piece of "naive" pottery caught my eye, too.
The price was right, and it fits nicely in my collection.
We arrived mid-afternoon.
I'm sure I missed some goodies by not arriving when the doors opened at 8:00.
Oh well.


  1. Looks like you found some good treasures, Rebecca. I'm going to a church rummage sale tomorrow. Hope I can find some goodies, too! Susan

  2. You found lots of goodies. The pottery is my favorite.
    I am reading in the Solitary Summer and enjoying it. I use it for quiet reading. I need to know more about the author when I get a chance to read up. Did you know she was supposedly a mistress to H.G. Wells?

    1. Yes! I read that! At the end of the paperback copy I borrowed from the library, there were a few pages about her. I want to read one of two biographies about her - the one written by one of her daughters.... She just must have been an incredibly interesting woman! I'm glad you're enjoying The Solitary Summer. I really liked the part (maybe in the "May" section) that described her reading regimen!

  3. Such good pieces Rebecca!!!
    That pair is soooooo cute, love it.

    Have a nice weekend


  4. Rebecca, you always find the best treasures!!

  5. Oh very nice find love the cats :) have a great weekend ~Love Heather


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