Enjoying my "Blue"

 I was happy to find the larger of the plant waterers at a garage sale for a quarter.
 I already owned the smaller one...and haven't had a lot of luck using it for its advertised purpose.
 However, I have trouble passing up anything that's blue and glass and reasonably priced!
So the second, larger one came home with me.
Then when I saw this bowl and the potter's mark on the bottom,
I spent ANOTHER quarter!
Lehman-Goertzen Pottery is an on-site working pottery housed in an 1890's factory
turned artisan studio complex located in Goshen, IN.
I've visited the pottery a few times--wistfully touching the beautiful wares,
but without the funds to purchase anything.
So I was VERY elated to find and purchase my first piece!
I'm enjoying my "blue" today.  
Do YOU have a favorite blue item?


  1. Nice new blue items, Rebecca. I don't have a favorite blue item but I do love my blue and white plates and cobalt blue pieces I've acquired, mostly at yardies. Susan

  2. Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!

  3. Wonderful bowl, I hadn't heard of this company. My favorite blue? Well my whole kitchen has blue and the cobalt blue trim on the counters is a favorite part of that.


  4. Hi my dear!! So lovely to hear from you with your lovely comments, I do hope you and your family are well! Your Lehman-Goertzen Pottery bowl was a fabulous thrift find, do enjoy using it! Have a great week ahead too xxx

  5. Wonderful finds...love the blue pottery bowl.

  6. Beautiful pictures of beautiful things, Rebecca.
    You always amazes me with the things you find.

  7. Love the Lehman-Goertzen Pottery bowl. Good things come to those who wait! My plate from Colonia Trova was purchased for part of a project which will be in the blog, but at a later date. It was too cute to pass up! Lucky you to have visited there!!


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