Most of the time (maybe 65%--I'm guessing here), 
the items I come home with after garage-saling or thrift-store-shopping
 are not as utilitarian as this.  
But I've been wanting one of these for a long time.
I found it this week for 75 cents. 
It's already served me well.
My husband removed the rest of the white plastic coating
that had begun chipping off on one of the handles,
sanded down the board a bit,
and applied some mineral oil to it before I used it. 

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be
useful or believe to be beautiful."  (William Morris)

What's the most utilitarian item YOU'VE purchased at a garage sale or thrift store lately?


  1. Lovely looking wood in this piece. I have a divided sink...one side very small...wore out one cutting board and hubby made another. Wood is not favored for cutting boards anymore but I LOVE the feel of wood under a blade...plastic works but with no feel. Oh gosh, I bet your readers think I am nuts!

    1. Bookie,I think it depends what you read/hear. Some internet sites say wood is just fine. Keeping them clean and sealed makes them as good or better than plastic.

      I don't think you're nuts! I ♥ wooden cutting boards. :)

  2. Hi Rebecca.....So that is a cutting board. I was wondering what it was. Unique. Glad you found what you were hoping for. Susan

    1. Yes, Susan. It fits over either of my two kitchen sinks--actually rests into it with the handles holding it in place over the sink's edges.

  3. What a fantastic find, I love finding useful stuff! Jon's just snapped up a ton of old paving bricks for part of our drive for £20 , it's saved us a couple of hundred quid, yipee! x

    1. I'm eager to see some more "outdoor" photos of your landscaping adventures. These old paving bricks sound AMAZING! You guys are very creative/resourceful.....

  4. That is a good find I have always wanted one of those to they look very handy. You get some great deals!! I am going to be having a big yard sale in a few weeks ~Can't wait to get our garage cleaned out ~Have a great week ahead Love Heather


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