Before and After

This Before and After session was brought to you by
a proud and happy wife!
After finding this old stereo/radio cabinet advertised for free
on Craigslist, my husband went to work to transform it
into a handsome piece of furniture with multiple
options for storage.  (We live in an old house, and storage options are ALWAYS useful!)
It is taking the place of THIS one - also an old radio cabinet
(with less storage options)....
 We change things up a LOT around here!


  1. Wow! Your husband is amazing.
    That looks great. What kind of wood is it?

    1. I'm not sure, Nancy. Maybe walnut.

  2. Hi Rebecca, That's a beautiful cabinet, your husband did a great job on it.
    No wonder you are a "proud and happy wife".
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. WOW Rebecca. He did an awesome job. What a wonderful talent your hubs has. You should be proud and happy! WOWSERS. Susan

  4. Wow that came out great Your husband did a fantastic job!! Love Heather

  5. A great transformation. And yes, you always look for multiple use pieces WITH storage when you live in an old house!

  6. Your cabinet is beautiful and elegant and most important, useful. What a way to conserve our resources. Using things in a new way is the best way to recycle.

  7. It is so nice that you and Gary work together with vision and talent when redoing your finds.

  8. Wow, Gary did indeed take something not so lovely and turn it into a handsome and useful piece of furniture.


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